About Casino Give Aways

When it comes to jackpots, there are those that are modest and then there are those that are life-changing. Understanding how a small online casino is able to give away prizes worth millions of dollars is not as tricky as it may seem.


Though an online casino may seem relatively small in comparison with their more expensive counterparts, they still advertise prizes worth millions of dollars for lucky winners. How is this possible? Networks are the key here. Players must remember that online casinos purchase the rights to use certain games from major worldwide software developers. These games are associated with hundreds or even thousands of casinos worldwide across an entire network.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is one that grows as people across the network place bets on slot machines, video poker consoles or even some table games. Since there are hundreds or even thousands of people playing at once, these jackpots can grow very large very quickly. Some of the largest software providers link thousands of machines together, and over the course of a few days, the jackpot can grow to more than a million dollars with records being set around the seven million dollar mark.

Casino Credibility

Online casinos that participate in progressive jackpots are also helping themselves, as well. When a player in the network wins a huge jackpot, that casino's newsletter often provides information about the win, including the venue in which it was won. This draws attention to the casino and results in a quick burst of new members. Therefore, casinos are able to save money on other marketing methods that are often less effective.

While networking and progressive jackpots are certainly beneficial to the lucky jackpot winners, there is an element of success to be had for the casino, as well. This may be surprising to some, but it is a well-kept trade secret that many casinos are getting in on these days.