Progressive Casino Jackpots

Though many online casino players are familiar with the payout tables associated with their favorite games, very few actually take the time to study up on progressive jackpots. This is truly a shame as some of these jackpots can be over a million dollars in size!

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a sum of money that continues to collect as players across an entire network add money to the pool via their wagers. They are incredibly common in slot machines and are even branching out into table games, especially in online venues. While some progressive jackpots are randomly triggered, others require players to fulfill certain criteria in order to win. Progressive jackpots are more common than some players may think and most major networks have at least one.

How to Qualify

Once a player has located a casino game that is associated with a progressive jackpot, they must then determine how that jackpot is triggered. In slots, players must often line up certain symbols in order to trigger a bonus game; winning this bonus game also wins them the jackpot which is generally huge when compared to the standard winnings associated with the machine. Sometimes the jackpots are triggered randomly, meaning anyone on the network can win at any time.

Maximum Bets

Though the majority of progressive jackpots did not always require it, many players used to think that the more they wagered, the better their chances were of winning. Because of this, many casinos have decided to maximize upon this ideal and now require players to bet the maximum amount across all of the varying paylines in order to qualify for a shot at the progressive jackpot.

Players who really want to cash in on their favorite casino games should consider playing those that are associated with randomly triggered progressive jackpots. Though the odds of winning are very small, the prospect is too enticing to pass up.